Hong Kong’s best satay beef noodles – where to find them


Yongshun Or Sun Kee Cafe are two of the most well-known places for satay beef noodles. But where else can you get them? What else can we try? It is also possible to try Yongshun and Cafe Seasons! There are many other places to visit in Hong Kong. These are the most popular places to get authentic satay beef noodles in Hong Kong.

Sun Kee Cafe

The noodles dish that is topped with satay beef sauce is a Hong Kong favorite. In mid-May, the anticipated opening time for the brand new restaurant. This dish of noodles is made consisting of rice, noodles as well as vegetables. The dish comes with spicy satay soup. You can top it with a yellow sausage or a sunny side-up egg. If you’re looking to save money, you can substitute instant noodles in place of beef.

The sauce of satay beef is fragrant and rich, but it isn’t salty. A small portion of the beef is served. The noodles are springy but not stiff. In order to prevent them from becoming too tart the noodles are put in a small dish. This technique creates a soupy effect, which also stops the noodles from becoming soggy. The set comes along with amomum, egg and various other ingredients.

Leung Kee Restaurant

If you’re in the market to buy satay beef noodles look no further than the newest Branch of Leung Kee Restaurant. The restaurant’s noodle menu will open in May. Expect the same spicy broth , and meat drenched in satay sauce. There is also the option of adding an egg with a sunny side-up and red sausage. You can also substitute instant noodles with rice noodles, making this dish more delicious.

Although Leung Kee is renowned for its claypot ricedishes, its beef noodle satay offerings are just as impressive. There is the option of adding your own option of protein for example, sliced beef or pork and a huge portion of onions and peppers. Satay broth is rich and infused with espresso to give bitterness and the depth of flavour. Fong Wing Kee is another well-known hotpot eatery in Kowloon City. It is possible to get hotpot from the place. It offers a variety of soups, including satay and steamed meat.


Satay beef noodles are a staple of Hong Kong’s food. Doll noodles are cooked with a thick, spicy beef broth. This recipe was developed in Indonesia and has spread to the area, including Taiwan, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore and Fujian. Satay beef noodles served in Hong Kong are usually served with rice vermicelli. To top off the dish you can serve the noodles with fresh spring onions.

Satay noodles are easy to digest. beef noodles are a common choice in the area. Though you can make an excellent bowl of noodles at home, it’s hard to beat the flavour and texture you’ll find in satay-coated beef noodles from the local Hong Kong restaurant. It’s a great way to enjoy warm noodles that steam and an abundance of satay coated meat.

Cafe Seasons

Do not look any further if need Hong-Kong satay beef noodles. Cafe Seasons is a fast-food restaurant, with a typical Hong Kong flair. The address is the 88 Des Voeux Rd in Central Cafe Seasons, the restaurant has takeaway as well as dining-in. They also accept NFC mobile payments. Here are a few features.

The soup comes hot and accompanied by a freshly-made egg. This adds an interactive element and adds an additional layer of richness and flavour. The popular dish is available only in certain branches of Kwong Wing Kee and, therefore, you’ll have to make your reservations early. Cafe Seasons is our newest restaurant. It’s a trendy cha chaan teng situated in Central where you can enjoy satay that is extra-rich Instant noodles made of beef.