How Analytical Methods Can Help Us Understand Chinese and Korean Envoys in the Ming Dynasty


There’s been an increase in appreciation throughout the current duration for big data, and its particular use in historical research. It has triggered an increase in curiosity about the Ming Dynasty’s Chinese and Korean ambassadors. This paper will explain how information analysis on a large scale was utilized in the analysis of just how these envoys interpreted their culture. The paper will address the difficulties which were experienced throughout the research. Additionally they represented their countries during the court. They utilized big data analytics for analyzing their societies. The Chinese and Korean envoys used Big Data review to research their respective societies also just how they communicate in their interactions with Ming Dynasty. This is done through interviews, surveys in addition to research. They understood their tradition and help the Ming Dynasty to serve its customers better.


Chinese and Korean representatives played an important contribution to Ming Dynasty. They employed large information analytics to grasp their comprehension of tradition, and also to enhance trade relations among China and Korea. It had been a significant accomplishment for Ming Dynasty as it permitted them to increase their power and protect the ruling associated with Chinese the emperor.