How Robertson County Voted in the 2022 Aug Election: The Results You Need to Know


If you want to know how Robertson County voted in the 2022 elections The results are here. Additionally, you can find more about Ballot Measures and Cities in Robertson County. These results will be applicable to entirety of the county and not just for the cities that are on the ballot. The following article summarizes the unofficial results. You can also see the Cities that are on the ballot, and what they voted for.

Unofficial election results

If you’re in Robertson County, Tennessee, now is the time to look over the official results for the elections. As per Associated Press, Robert Nash was elected district attorney. Nash won with an impressive 131 votes. Montgomery County saw a 32 percentage turnout for voters, meaning the win margin was more. Nash expressed his gratitude to his wife, his law firm partners, and friends from the past for winning.

Emily Dievendorf won the Democratic nomination by defeating Jon Horford. Mike Detmer was defeated by Lana L. Theis in Theis’s Republican race. In the county’s 28th district, Democratic state rep. Sam Singh will face Republican newcomer Daylen Howard. It’s possible to see the county’s official results live at their site.

Measurements to be used in the election

If you’re interested in knowing how Robertson County voted in the 2022 statewide election There are many ways to know the outcomes. Its county seat lies at Mount Olivet, and there are links for the county government as well as district schools. Check to see which ballot measures which you’re interested in is included on the ballot for Robertson County. Ballotpedia isn’t able to cover Robertson County, but it will give you an idea of what to expect.

Robertson County: Cities

If you are wondering how cities within Robertson County voted in the 2052 election in August then you should check the following links. These sites will provide details about schools along with court information and votes. Robertson County can be found in the eastern part of Texas. Robertson County, Texas, is part is the College Station-Bryan, TX Metropolitan Statistical Area. The southern border of Robertson County is State Highway OSR. State Highway OSR does not completely penetrate into the county.

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