How VAST Data’s Solution Is Helping To Power The World’s Most Demanding Computational Tasks


VAST Data’s DASE technology is fast growing share of the market, and contains growth prices 58x higher than the marketplace for file-objects over the last two years. VAST Data’s customers include top professionals in AI and large-scale HPC computing.


VAST Data announced its Universal Storage data platform during the recently held Supercomputing 2022 Conference and has recently won this present year’s 20th HPCwire Editors Choice Award for the most effective HPC solution. This award went along to the VAST Data Universal Storage platform for simplifying massive-scale calculation. This has the best system performance and unparalleled economics in all-flash technology. This innovative tool offers businesses the power to educate and handle all types of information without limits of any sort.

VAST Data provides computing space which is flexible enough to facilitate the development of science. The pipeline it developed especially for the Sanger Institute has enabled it to sequence 100 human genomes in a single time. The firm is also dealing with an initiative called the UK Biobank Vanguard project, that aims to sequence 50,000 genomes from those who volunteer. Its techniques will pave just how for more large research projects in the future as time goes on.

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HPCwire Editors’ Choice Awards HPCwire Editors’ Selection Awards are a way to recognize the best jobs, companies, and technologies inside the HPC sector. It is the only prize of its type, these honors had been voted by HPCwire readers. They have been presented at each 12 months’s HPCwire Supercomputing meeting. To learn more concerning the winners, please read the HPCwire Awards story. Below are only some associated with characteristics they provide:

VAST information Universal Storage platform is a brand new means simplifying at scale. It has unmatched enterprise features as well as exascale scaling. It employs unique compression algorithms to optimize storage ability whilst eating less power. In addition utilizes less parts in comparison to HDD storage systems. It results in better quality and durability too being lower in total cost of ownership.

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HPCwire is a respected book within the HPC world. It's just released its champions from The HPCwire Readers’ Selection Awards. The awards recognize the absolute most outstanding HPC-related items, initiatives, and companies within the HPC community. Voting by visitors, the winners and they are announced at an annual Supercomputing Conference. The winners in 2010 are MASSIVE information, GENCI, PRACE, Compute Canada, among others.

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These awards recognize excellent success in AI and HPC computing. The winners had been picked by a pool of HPCwire customers. The HPC community hails the champions as thought leaders. The VAST Data Universal space platform provides new approach to simplify simplicity at large. It provides all-flash storage which gives unparalleled system uptime and financial savings as well as Exascale scaling.

Company leadership made it clear they would sponsor pupils to be a part of the SC18 contest. The team, consists of six students from the Friedrich-Alexander-University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, will express Germany among 15 worldwide pupil groups. Professor Dr. Arndt Bode is sponsoring the company. He served as seat of Leibniz Supercomputing Center. Bode has also been granted the title associated with Verdienstorden der Bundesrepublik Germany, that is probably the most prestigious national difference in Germany.