How to make the most of San Diego’s online news scene


On Tuesday on Tuesday, the hillcrest Press Club Excellence in Journalism Awards took place in Balboa Park. Through the event, the newspaper received six prizes, like the top local news site. First-place champions included the Contributing Photographer Chris Stone from La Mesa as well as adding Editor Ken Stone. They won prizes with regards to their photographic in addition to their reporting abilities. They worked together on two tasks. Chris Stone took house the three categories of still-news photography. In the end, Chris Jennewein, Del Mar’s editor and publisher received a award in honor of his selection.

times during the north park is proud to be named typically the most popular news site within San Diego six times. Times during the San Diego attracts day-to-day brand new readers and that can receive the prestigious recognition because of Ken, Chris and JW.

Three males were recognized with honors by hillcrest Union Tribune staff in addition to contributors who have been granted special recognition in news, news and public relations. Steve Fiorina, a CBS reporter, received the Harold Keen Award for Outstanding Contribution to Journalism. Jorge D’Garay, a Binational pr Executive, was granted the Andy Mace Award For Outstanding share to pr. Brad McLellan, a former Chief Assignment Editor of KGTV ended up being awarded the Jim Reiman Award to Outstanding Media Management.

the occasions of hillcrest is proud to announce it has won the most effective spot in three categories in vice’s competition. Chris Jennewein is a member of staff regarding the Times of hillcrest employee had been granted the category news website. Jennewein received the protection of elections category for their piece, “Voter Guide: hillcrest County and State Races during June main Election”. And in the essay/commentary/opinion category, Jennewein won for his article “Newspapers Squandered Their Monopoly-Era earnings and today Blame Bing and Twitter.

One, Honor Flight’s Last Trip with WWII, Korean War Photography — Nevertheless: Portrait of Chris rock, Honor Flight’s One Veteran, Lone: final visit to D.C.

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