Tensions continue to rise between Russia and Ukraine


The shelling on Monday of Ukrainian towns and cities performed by Russian forces had been a big escalated conflict between two countries. These attacks targeted civilians like main Kyiv with at the very least eight civilians had been killed. The constant barrage against major metropolitan areas is a definite sign that Russia does not want a peaceful resolution to your ongoing conflict. While the counter-offensive launched by Ukraine throughout the last couple of weeks has progressed, this assault from Russia is bound to slow the efforts. Ukraine’s citizens require the support of worldwide partners and help now more than ever.

1. What was the purpose of the Russian shelling on Kyiv, Ukraine on Monday, Oct. 10 2022?

the main target of Russian assault on Kyiv, Ukraine on Monday, Oct. tenth, 2022, had been the presidential palace. The assault arrived just minutes after Ukraine’s military declared that they been able to beat a separatist attack from Russia in the eastern area of Ukraine. Ukrainian Presidency Petro Poroshenko denounced the bombing as a “direct assault” by Russia. Even though Kremlin is not involved in the assault The Ukrainian federal government published audio files they claim prove Russian participation. According to reports, the recordings have conversations among Russian soldiers with separatist fighters in which the soldiers discuss the attack that happened on Kyiv. Kyiv was attacked. Kyiv is followed by a dramatic boost in fighting with Russia and Ukraine.

2. How many were killed by the shelling?

Latest reports reveal that 2 civilians were killed in two civilians killed in Russia-Ukraine War shelling. This tragedy emphasizes the need for an extensive and lasting means to fix the war in your community. This tragedy also highlights the requirement for the international community to come completely to aid bring a conclusion towards the violence.

Fast Overview

to close out, the Russia-Ukraine War is an important conflict with numerous implications towards the future. Both edges have actually suffered serious damages in recent days. It’s not over, so that it’s important to stay up-to-date with new developments.