The fall of the Soviet Union: how Estonia removed a Soviet-era monument


On Tuesday, the Estonian federal government announced they’ve decided to remove a Soviet-era monument located in Narva in the near order of Estonia that is Russian-speaking. Juri Ratas, Estonia’s Prime Minister, reported that the monument poses the risk of threatening public order. Ratas said that your decision ended up being taken after consultation with security personnel from the neighborhood plus the neighborhood population. Ratas claimed that the government of Estonia is committed to ensuring the safety of everyone, aside from back ground or ethnicity. The monument is known as”the Bronze Soldier Soviet Monument, and had been built in honor of Red Army soldiers who died during World War II.

Quick Overview

The planet is changing because it does, so do our monuments and public exhibitions. There is certainly an opportunity that what was thought to be acceptable at the time might not be acceptable later on. Estonia’s Soviet-era monument was taken from public display. The causes because of this removal are numerous, but suffice it to state that changes have happened and the thing that was formerly accepted is unacceptable.