The need for de-escalation and diplomacy in the wake of this incident.


The united kingdom is forced to quit its army patrols on the Black water after two Russian fighter jets travelled “dangerously close” to an Uk aircraft. It happened on September 29th, as stated by Defense Secretary Ben Wallace. Russia acknowledged the incident took place into the worldwide airspace. It's believed that the RAF RC-135 airplane had been flying an everyday patrols throughout the Ebony Sea when it had been “shadowed” by two Russian militarized SU-27 fighter jets. Wallace informed parliament Britain had suspended patrols following incident. In addition they indicated concerns to Russia’s Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu. ‘The total time for the change that took place between Russian aircraft and Rivet Joint was about 90 minutes.

Fast Summary

The event, which happened on September 29 ended up being described by Wallace as an “potentially risky engagement” but stated it absolutely was not deemed to be a “deliberate escalated incident”.