The search for the perpetrators continues as the death toll rises.


We’re deeply disappointed to be able to report in the tragic events that took place that occurred at Kanjuruhan Stadium, Malang (eastern Java) regarding the nights Saturday. To avoid a raging riot of Arema FC fans, officers employed tear gas and panic fuel on a massive amount of people. Our condolences go out to everyone whose family suffered the results with this tragic incident. Genuine condolences are extended towards the hurt.

1. Just what caused the crowd to panic?

due to the lack of safety measures , additionally the overcrowding in the arena, panicked crowds rushed to the stadium. The stampede resulted in deaths of 125 spectators along with numerous injured. The Indonesian police have launched a study to the occasion to ascertain who was accountable.

2. How many deaths did the victims suffer of the stampede?

at the least 125 people were killed in addition to scores of others wounded into the stampede that happened at Jakarta’s nightclub. The event took place early on a Sunday early morning. In the midst of parties marking the finish of Ramadan therefore the end of Ramadan, tragedy happened. The event ended up being examined as a crime by authorities from the Indonesian authorities. Police searching for into every angle feasible to uncover the explanation for the event. The event happened in Exit the nightclub, which is a well known one situated in Jakarta’s North Kelapa Gading.

3. How many victims?

The tale within the news “Find the Perpetrators” says that three victims had been hurt throughout the Stampede fatalities. This will be a tragedy that happened and is important to bring those who were responsible to justice. The Indonesian police have to find and bring to justice the culprits associated with the stampede.

A Brief Summary

The Indonesian federal government has called regarding the police to do something and bring those responsible for the fatal soccer stampede that left the dead of 125.