The worrying trend of Fiji’s Methodists using funds to support a dictatorial style


Fijis Methodists are facing a troubling pattern of misusing their funds. They're purchasing things are not allowed to be yet others are investing church funds on things they cannot need or use. Fijis Methodists face an issue that is serious. It could result in difficulties with finances in the foreseeable future. It is a major problem to Fijis Methodists. They’re usually misusing their funds. Fijis Methodists were stealing money from 2017 that was a worrying trend. The newest monetary report of Fijis Methodist Church implies that there have been $2 million invested for cases of misuse of funds. This alarming trend illustrates exactly how easy its to let Methodists to get rid of money.

there are lots of ways in which abuse can occur:

The amount of money they will have could be used through the purchase of unneeded products they cannot require.

so what can you do to prevent wasting cash?

Insanity, greed, and over paying for unnecessary things are the most typical known reasons for the misuse of funds. There are a selection of reasoned explanations why cash can be misused.

it's possible that they'll sign up for loans, nevertheless they may not be in a position to confirm the safety for the loan

It will be possible which they don't cover some of their costs and end up getting a lot of to pay for at the close.

exactly what do you are doing to stop wasting money

Help stop fraud using your cash through these actions:

be sure you are careful regarding the cash

Be sure you keep track of your expenditure and settle all outstanding debts because quickly as you're able to.

watch out for making rash decisions about the cash you have.

so what can you do to stop wasting cash

Make sure you understand your investment choices plus the actions you’re after. Avoid investing in securities which you don’t know about or have unstable value. These you could end up massive loss. Make fully sure your cash is safe. place it away in a cashier drawer and safe deposit package in the home for an emergencies.

Make sure you get money secure

It is possible to keep your cash secure by keeping it in a location that will be accessible or compromised by unknown people. It is possible to keep your cash such as for example in an encrypted bank vault or cryptocurrency wallet. Do not leave cash on the road or at ATM machines.

don't leave your cash unsupervised

If you aren’t sure the beneficiary of one's funds to upon your death, or just what it’s going doing whenever it’s held upto the test of the time, don’t leave it unsupervised. In place of putting all your eggs in one basket, spread your investment portfolio and provide plenty of time for every single account to be reached for just about any concerns.

Do not store your cash in a secure location

You are able to stop money from used for ill through these measures: there must be written directions and tips in place to cease funds that aren't authorized from being used. Track your travel costs and also make sure that the documents are accurate. Do not allow anyone else to take your funds without your permission. It may cause costly legalities in the foreseeable future.

Keep your documents so as

It is vital to keep an eye on each deal and receipt that is the fact that is related to your travel budget. This can help you detect fraud or punishment. The info you gather is input into accounting pc software such as for example Microsoft Excel or QuickBooks to swiftly check for any problems or differences.

Don’t enable any one else to utilize your money

It really is your obligation to give authorization to anyone who has usage of the funds you have got employed for travel. It might bring about costly legal issues down the road when they’re misused during the time you’re away on a break.


Fijis Methodists are facing an unpleasant pattern of misappropriation of the cash. It is important to be aware in investing, and also make sure your hard earned money is properly managed. Ensuring that you don’t make a blunder with your cash is feasible by following proper policies and procedures. Keep the proper records and also make sure nobody else has usage of your hard earned money. These recommendations can assist you to definitely avoid monetary issues.