Tips for staying fit and healthy during your visit to the leisure centre


The way the Cirencester Leisure Centre changed throughout the years.The original Cirencester Leisure Centre ended up being exposed in 1984 and served while the main place for events and activities into the city of Cirencester. It absolutely was on the same site as the current Cirencester Leisure Centre, that has been built in 2006. The original Cirencester Leisure Centre showcased a variety of activity choices, including a cinema, theater, and art gallery. In addition had lots of physical fitness studios and an indoor pool.

This New Cirencester Leisure Centre

This new Cirencesster Leisure Centre had been created by architecture firm Foster + Partners and started during 2009. It replaced the original CirencesterLeisureCenter and features a wider selection of activity choices, including a sports hallway, movie theatre, mall, and much more. The newest center also has lots of amenities that are not bought at the initial CirencessterLeisure Center, such as for instance an inside pool and a gym.

What’s new during the Cirencester Leisure Centre.

The Cirencester Leisure Centre has finally reopened after a significant revamp! The centre has been entirely redesigned and possesses a brand new selection of attractions, including a swimming pool, gymnasium, and children’s play area. In addition, the guts happens to be renamed the Edwardian Library plus it’s now open to your public from 9am to 6pm Monday to Friday, and 9am to 5pm Saturday and Sunday.

Part 3. Get Your seats now!

In the event that you’re thinking about visiting the Cirencester Leisure Centre during its current opening hours, be sure to get the tickets ahead of time! The centre is currently only open from 9am to 6pm on Monday to Friday, and 9am to 5pm Saturday and Sunday. Tickets can also be bought online or during the field office.

Utilizing the Cirencester Leisure Centre.

If you’re looking for lodging while in Cirencester, the Cirencester Leisure Centre may be just what you’re looking. The centre has space rates that are offered online or by calling ahead. For more information, please look at the web site.

Use theentertainment area

The Cirencester Leisure Centre houses a variety of activity options which can be ideal for a calming time away from it all. From music concerts and shows to films and television shows, there’s something for all to savor during the centre.

Get a Quote for an admission

If you'd like to buy or offer seats to an event, the Cirencester Leisure Centre offers an online ticketing solution that will help make your purchase easier and quicker. It is possible to call ahead or look at the centre to acquire seats on-site.

Use the gymnasium

The Cirencester Leisure Centre is home to one of England’s best gyms, which can be used by visitors of all many years for exercises and relaxation purposes. Whether you'll need support starting or perhaps desire some motivation through your next workout, the gym is good for anyone interested in getting fit!

How to get involved with the Cirencester Leisure Centre.

Should you want to be involved in the Cirencester Leisure Centre, there are many things you can do. First, join the club. This can provide access to most of the community areas and also make it easier for you in order to connect with other people whom share your passions. It is possible to utilize the web site to locate details about events and programs that interest you, or make use of the social media marketing internet sites in order to connect along with other Cirencester leisurers.

Use the community areas

The Cirencester Leisure Centre has its own community areas which can be perfect for interacting with friends or ingesting some activities. The following areas are some of our most popular:· Facilities: The facilities at the Cirencester Leisure Centre are first rate, plus they can accommodate any party size. In addition, we have a multitude of tasks available, so most people are certain to find something they enjoy.· Clubhouse: The clubhouse is an excellent destination to call house while on vacation or during business trips. It’s spacious and comfortable, plus it provides plenty of amenities such as a kitchenette and refrigerator. Plus, it’s very easy to get involved with every one of the club’s tasks – just subscribe to an account and commence sharing your opinions!· Mall: The shopping center is a good spot to buy some souvenirs or take in some shopping enjoyable after your trip to the Cirencester Leisure Centre. It's anything from high-end shops like Saks Fifth Avenue and Macy’s International shop to cheaper options like Target and JCPenney. Plus, you can find always special deals available whenever you shop during the shopping center!

Utilize the websites

The next matter you ought to do is utilize our web sites! The web site provides access to our development and events, also helpful information about staying safe whilst travelling in England. Furthermore, our websites offer plenty of possibilities for members aliketo share their experiences with other members online – whether it’s through postcards or articles!The Cirencester Leisure Centre (CLC) is finally available after a significant revamp! And also being a phenomenal place to hang out, the CLC has also been revamped into a fantastic place to work. With brand new and enhanced community areas, cafes, coworking areas, and much more, the CLC has everything you need and much more.The first thing you’ll want to do is head over to the Community Areas tab and subscribe to a membership. This will offer you usage of most of the great resources that the Cirencester Leisure Centre is offering. From meeting rooms and lounges to an electronic collection with publications, movies, and music, there’s sure to be something for everyone at the CLC.If you’re in search of information about specific subjects or occasions happening during the Cirencester Leisure Centre, check out our internet site or make use of one of its social media marketing web sites like facebook. We will have current news and updates on staff events as well as basic information regarding our center!

Make use of the social networking websites

You can join us on social media marketing sites like Facebook or Twitter to be able to stay up-to-date along with of our latest developments! We love getting feedback from our followers so please feel free to fairly share your thoughts at all you might think would assist us improve our center!If you’re finding a fun and social way to invest your holiday, the Cirencester Leisure Centre is a great place to start. The center has an extensive activity area that features many different pursuits like music, dance, and theater. You can also find lots of affordable spaces that will fit every person in your party.The entertainment area at the Cirencester Leisure Center is certainly one of its most well known features. It’s home to lots of popular destinations, including a movie theater, recreations arena, and concert location. In addition, the center provides lots of opportunities to meet brand new buddies while enjoying some fun activities.If you want to see something special and don’t wish to spend money, tickets are the way to go. The Cirencester Leisure Center offers several ticket choices which can be designed especially for budget-minded tourists. If you buy your seats in advance or utilize an on-line service like Stubhub, you can save your self big on both your see along with your souvenirs!Gym membership is a significant part of any budget-friendly travel regime, so that it’s no surprise that the Cirencester Leisure Center has an excellent fitness center section methylated with machines and aerobic gear for many forms of exercisers! In addition, there are many free fat devices and yoga mats designed for use if you'd like some space from other activities!


The Cirencester Leisure Centre has changed over time, however the experience continues to be unchanged. Whether you’re trying to make use of the activity area or get a room, the Cirencester Leisure Centre has all that's necessary. In addition, getting mixed up in Cirencester Leisure Centre can be enjoyable and easy – join the Club and revel in all that the guts provides!