What Would a Healthier America Look Like?


Sam Ramirez, a relative newcomer to Goleta politics, has been in Goleta for 10 years. Even though he’s experienced in local politics, his promises to encourage a healthier lifestyle are brand-new. But, Ramirez is determined to help his community live better lives. Listed below are some of his main pledges. Check out the details below for more.

Ramirez is a resident of Goleta for 10 years.

Angelo Buono Jr., one of the ex-boyfriends of Ramirez was found guilty of rape and murder in 1989. He was sentenced the death penalty for life. Ramirez was also sentenced to life in prison for ten additional crimes. Ramirez was also a Vietnam War vet. After the murders of 4 Vietnamese ladies, Ramirez had a series of violent fights. He was involved in the kidnapping and rape of two Vietnamese women.

Fingerprints of eight people were identical to those of Ramirez. One match was discovered. As per the Los Angeles Herald Examiner, Ramirez was booked for grand theft in a car and also piss theft. An informant located in San Francisco identified him. The photograph was later published by police. Many prominent newspapers, TV stations, as well as other sources began reporting on Ramirez.

He pledges to support healthy lifestyle

Alongside having a seat on the council, Sam Ramirez has also put out a Candidate Intentions Statement in which he pledges to encourage the healthy way of life. District 2 is up for election. Ramirez is challenging the incumbent Councilmember Roger Aceves, while Luz Reyes-Martin is the head of the school board. Ramirez was planning commissioner and a state legislator in the earlier years.

After making her first appearance as a candidate Ramirez has pledged to promote living a healthier living. Ramirez is committed to preserving areas of open space, neighborhood and will provide additional services to residents, if she is elected. Additionally, she holds master’s degrees in public health from USC. Sam Ramirez is a relative rookie to the city’s politics. He served on the Planning Commission from 2021 to the present , and is a City of Santa Barbara employee.

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