What the Colombia B2C Ecommerce Market Holds for the Future


Are you looking to start a business in Colombia? Or do you have experience with Colombian ecommerce and want to know exactly what possibilities can be obtained? If that's the case, then this data book is for you. This e-book contains a snapshot of this Colombias B2B ecommerce market possibilities, also advice on starting and running your own personal company in Colombia.

The Colombian B2B ecommerce market is growing rapidly.

The Colombian B2B e commerce market is predicted to attain $. billion by 2021.In terms of income, the Colombian B2B e commerce market is expected to grow from $. million in 2019 to $. billion by 2021.And with regards to share of the market, the Colombian B2B ecommerce market is expected to put up a big part share for the international B2B ecommerce market by 2021.

Colombia may be the biggest e-commerce market worldwide.

In Colombia, you can find a predicted 249,000 businesses that sell services and products and services online. The B2B e commerce market is growing quickly, aided by the quantity of organizations offering products and services online increasing by significantly more than 50% between 2010 and 2016. The Colombian B2B e commerce market is very active in terms of the amount of visits to ecommerce sites. In 2016, how many visits to ecommerce websites in Colombia ended up being twice as high because the quantity of visits to conventional retail websites.The Colombian B2B e-commerce market normally growing with regards to how many companies being selling products through online stations. In 2016, around 60% of most organizations that offer products through online networks had been additionally selling products and services through conventional retail stations. This means that that there is an increasing interest in online sales possibilities in Colombia.The Colombian B2B e-commerce marketplace is growing in terms of the amount of businesses while the number of productsThe Colombian B2B e-commerce market has seen an immediate growth in the last few years, with a rise in the amount of organizations offering services and products through digital platforms. As mentioned earlier, around 60% of most businesses that sell products and services through online networks are offering products and services through traditional retail stations. This suggests that there's a high interest in digital sales opportunities in Colombia.This growth has led to a trend where more companies are looking at digital platforms to market their goods andservices. In 2016, there were an estimated 248,000 Colombian business entities that are powered by electronic platforms alone (not including social media marketing platforms). This comes even close to only 18,000 companies whom are powered by conventional printing or physical media platforms alone (not including social media platforms). This suggests that there surely is great possibility of business development when it comes to making use of digital stations to offer items andservices.The Colombian B2B ecommerce market is growing with regards to the amount of visits to ecommerce websitesThe Colombian B2B e-commerce market keeps growing quickly, with an increase in the number of visits to ecommerce sites by Colombians in 2016. This indicates that there is a high demand for online sales opportunities in Colombia.This growth has generated a trend where more companies are embracing electronic platforms to offer their items andservices. In 2016, how many visits to e-commerce websites was twice as high since the amount of visits to traditional retail sites. This even compares to only 18,000 companies whom are powered by old-fashioned printing or real news platforms alone (not including social networking platforms). This means that there is great prospect of business development when it comes to utilizing electronic channels to offer products andservices.Colombia is the perfect place to begin your e-commerce business.The ecommerce market in Colombia is approximated to be worth $5.4 billion by 2021, in accordance with a report from MarketsandMarkets. This suggests that there surely is a lot of potential for entrepreneurs to begin their businesses in this country. Colombian entrepreneurs may start their businesses in many different industries, including food and beverage, fashion, travel and leisure, and medical equipment.In addition, Colombia has a diverse e-commerce market. This means that business owners may start their organizations in any industry that interests them. As an example, you might start your company offering cookbooks in Colombia and offer home supplies online. You might like to start attempting to sell clothes and add-ons online in Colombia and sell automobiles online. There are not any limits on the companies you can explore when starting your personal e commerce company in Colombia.

Colombia has a diverse ecommerce market

This section covers different types of ecommerce markets that Colombian entrepreneurs find desire for. These markets include food & beverage, fashion, travel & leisure, and medical equipment. Each of these markets has its own unique opportunities and challenges that business owners should account fully for when beginning their company in this sector associated with the economy. For example, the food & beverage marketplace is ripe with window of opportunity for entrepreneurs to produce delicious items with little if any work needed. Nevertheless, this market can be fraught with danger because consumers may possibly not be acquainted with the entrepreneur’s item or service; consequently, it is very important to entrepreneurs to possess strong advertising capabilities when they want to earn money from their business enterprise. Having said that, fashion merchants tend to be willing to spend money into brand new ventures and might be willing to offer more customer support than old-fashioned stores; consequently, operator who would like to give attention to fashion should expect high quantities of customer satisfaction as well as profitability! In addition, many travel&leisure organizations want in expanding in to the Colombian market; so a business owner who would like to enter this field is prepared to compete keenly against well-established competitors who have developed effective operations inside this area.).Medical gear companies are often interested in expanding into brand new markets; so a business owner who wants to enter this industry should really be prepared to compete against founded competitors who've developed effective operations through this area.).


The Colombian B2B ecommerce market is growing rapidly and has now too much to offer companies. Colombians are quickly becoming the largest ecommerce purchasers on the planet, plus they’re interested in products and services that meet their requirements. Industry is diverse, with organizations offering a selection of products and services. By beginning your company in Colombia, you’ll have the opportunity to grow your organization and reach a wider market.