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I wanna be a supermodel: Israeli fashion designer displays self, friends in catalogue.

Judging by the comments and photos that appear in Maya Negri’s catalogue, it appeals to women for whom words like jetlag and boutique hotel describe a considerable part of their daily vernacular.
Three women star in the Israeli designer Maya Negri’s catalogue for spring-summer 2013 – the designer herself and two of her friends, architect Lihi Gerstner, and Michal Ansky, the presenter of the “Master Chef” television show and founder of the farmers’ market at the Tel Aviv Port. Jewelry designer Elinor Dvir also makes a brief appearance.

The idea of casting herself and her girlfriends, it turns out, arose during a trip to Paris. There, according to Negri, she realized the combined power of three women such as themselves and the advantage in presenting “ordinary” women instead of professional models.

The line is geared to “women of a certain sort,” she says. From the comments she and her friends add, and from the photos that appear in the catalogue, it appears the reference is mainly to women for whom words like jetlag and boutique hotel describe a considerable part of their daily vernacular


It is hard to say whether Negri and her glamorous friends – who are photographed in the catalogue in sleek surroundings such as a luxury apartment or a fashionable restaurant, looking very much like poster girls for a hedonistic lifestyle – will arouse a greater sense of identification from the general public than would a trio of professional models. Nevertheless, this is after all a fashion catalogue and Negri has always addressed in a focused way women of a certain economic and social class.

One such woman, Sarah Sonneborn, a lecturer on history and philology, is a veteran client of Negri’s who over the years has become her friend. At the beginning of the week, when Negri revealed her catalogue to representatives of the media, she returned Sonneborn to her youthful days as a model in Paris and asked her to show a number of the items. Sonneborn made the new softness and lightness in the designer’s spring wardrobe look particularly flattering. If in the past Negri’s attempt to dress women in a wide range of ages and body types was accompanied by some grating false notes (mature women sometimes looked as though they were trying to shed years from their age with the help of fashionable silhouettes, while restrained styles gave young women adult sophistication), this time flowing cuts, light fabrics and a new line of Jalabiyas based on traditional Middle Eastern robes bridged the generation gaps in a good way.


Overall, it was clear that Negri’s design language has matured and has become refined. The best example of this is in a more basic item like a sleeveless blouse made of two layers of fabric combined in angular lines.

“How good is it to know that you have a few good items in your closet and to know that when you wear them you are set?” Negri says. Her strength has indeed always been in the design of a useful wardrobe. If in the past there were influences of religious dress in her designs, such as short rounded sleeves or erect lapels that follow the neck, now these have given way to clean, tailored lines. In a white top of a fine cotton knit she has managed to create a light, semi-transparent design that has a defined structure but at the same time does not look like it is from a bygone fashion er. However, her lightweight black jacket of a tight knit is not up to this challenge. It hovers over the body and does not add any charm to it.

Prints were seen in Negri’s past collections long before they became such a hot element. In the current collection there is only one successful pattern: beige linen printed with a brown tropical thicket and large flowers, from which the designer has cut a long floral dress that softly follows the contours of the body.

Generic patterns

The other prints are inferior and look like generic patterns that were randomly pulled from reliable sources for predicting trends or integrated without any inspiration. It is hard to explain, for example, the choice of curly black trim for a pair of white trousers, or the pattern of graphic black spots on a wide white dress. The feeling is that it would have been possible to swap them for any other print or to have done without them, and the difference would not have been all that significant.

One of the innovations in the current collection is a group of basic pieces. Negri explained that this is aimed at making the brand accessible to wider audiences. In the same spirit, she has also accelerated the brand’s activity on the social networks and now, she relates, she and her friends are planning to give lifestyle tips on her Facebook page: “What is the best series being broadcast now? Where do you buy the best leather jacket? (Clearly at Balenciaga, but not everyone knows this.) Where do you buy a special shoe? What is the best restaurant in Paris? What interesting dance performances are on now in Europe?”

In any case, the four items in the new basic group are a long narrow sundress and a tight strapless overall, both of them from a grayish light ribbed fabric that is pleasant to the touch, a T-shirt in a grayish hue with a square neckline and gray silk short pants in a sporty cut. These join the grandfather’s undershirt-style tank top she designed in the past.

However, the two designs cut from the ribbed fabric were not flattering, even on the models who wore them. Though this is a pleasant fabric, it is thin, elastic and is unforgiving on the body.

Is the message Negri wanted to transmit that women who don’t have economic power are not able to look good in their clothes? Presumably not, and therefore this is a miss. If the current collection is mainly an open invitation to women to join the designers’ circle of friends, these designs aren’t going to do it.


Rajdeep Ranawat displays ‘Santorini’ collection at WLFW.

Rajdeep Ranawat’s collection SANTORINI at Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week Spring- Summer 2013 reflects the fresh Mediterranean ocean with background of Grecian paradise and the exuberance of fresh flora and fauna.

Colour palette was vibrant with a white to ivory base, set off by blue, raspberry, coral, parakeet green, mandarin and yellow beautifully layered through his designs.

Rich fabrics like pure silk, silk chiffon, silk satin, tulle and silk georgette gives the whole collection a gloriously extravagant and ethereal look.
Rajdeep introduces a men’s wear range and an accessories collection. A range of handbags, totes, bright embroidered clutches shoes and jewellery, which are inspired by similar complementary prints was showcased.

Rent the Runway

Rent the Runway Raises $24.4 Million.

Rent the Runway, a website that rents out high-end clothing and accessories to consumers for a few days at a time, has announced a new $24.4 million round of financing, led by Advance Publications, parent company of Condé Nast, with participation from American Express, Novel TMT Ventures and existing investors Bain Capital Ventures, Highland Capital Partners and Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers. The investment brings the total amount of capital the company has raised to date to $55.4 million.

“The business is continuing to expand very quickly,” Rent the Runway co-founder and CEO Jennifer Hyman told WWD, where the news was first reported, indicating that the company would invest the new funding “in people, marketing and scaling our operation to make sure we are delivering incredible customer experiences.”

“Over the next year, we have plans to expand our showrooms,” she added, referring to real-world retail locations where consumers can try on outfits and get advice from Rent the Runway style advisors. The decision reflects a growing trend amongst online retailers eager to tap offline opportunities.


The company also plans to improve its operations, logistics and technology back-end. “In [this] business, 100 percent of what we send out comes back four days later on purpose,” Scott Friend, managing director at Bain Capital, told WWD. “We have to make it look brand new all over again so we can ship it out again on Thursday, knowing it comes back on Monday. That involves seamstresses and dry cleaning…. this takes a lot of capital to build the business the right way [in order to] scale the business.”

More than just a place to rent clothes and accessories, Hyman describes Rent the Runway as an “experiential marketing engine” that exposes its customers to new designers and products. The company has no plans to actually sell these products, but directs consumers to brand and retailer websites where they can purchase these items.

Rent the Runway doesn’t currently take a commission on these sales, seeing it as an added bonus aimed at enticing brands to rent their products on the site. ”We currently do this as a perk for designers who work with Rent the Runway because do want to be their marketing partner,” Rent the Runway president, Jenny Fleiss, told BoF.

“We also try to gather data for them,” she added. “We have some interesting data around fit, around which designers are correlated — women who rent this dress, also rent this other dress — as well as the demographics of our users, their age, where they live, the types of events and occasions where they are wearing our dresses,” she continued.

“We launched a product called Our Runway, a few months ago, that’s really about women submitting their photos and talking about their experiences renting the runway — and our designer partners are very eager to hear what consumers are saying. We’ve had brands change their sizing and even elements of their production as a result of feedback that we’ve given them.”

New Story

Retail Recon | H&M’s New Story.

H&M’s new Internet-inspired retail concept on Regent Street offers women a complete lifestyle brand at affordable prices.On Friday, Swedish fast fashion giant H&M debuted its new retail concept ‘& Other Stories,’ steps away from sister stores H&M and COS on London’s Regent Street, as part of an ambitious Europe-wide launch, with additional locations in Copenhagen, Stockholm, Paris, Milan, Barcelona, and Berlin.

When rumours began circulating about the new brand, last November, many speculated that the forthcoming stores would be H&M’s luxury play, positioned above the mid-priced COS, which was itself a step up from the company’s core H&M fast fashion chain.

But when BoF visited the store, a two-storey space near the busy intersection of Oxford Street and Regent Street (with a respectable number of shoppers browsing the rails for a chilly Monday morning) we saw that & Other Stories was, in fact, H&M’s take on a lifestyle store, much like Anthropologie, with displays that integrate beauty products and accessories along with clothing. Necklaces and nail polish, for example, are displayed on simple wooden shelves with corresponding pairs of shoes alongside a rail of clothes, much like the way a woman might organise her belongings at home.

Romantic dress

Despite the clunky name, taken from a traditional literary publishing practice, & Other Stories has a novel concept that reflects the way modern women shop and dress today: mixing and matching, buying high and low, and embracing distinctly different looks on different days. “It’s for women who are interested in fashion and who feel differently every day,” Behnaz Aram, head of design in Stockholm, told The Independent. “Some days you want a romantic dress, the next day jeans and a T-shirt. You feel different and that’s what we’re trying to reflect.”

As such, & Other Stories’ initial range offers four mini-collections comprised of clothing and accessories that women can dip in and out of to “create their own stories through their personal style,” said creative director Sara Hilden-Bengtsson in a statement.

One such collection is minimal, with on-trend leather and marble print pieces; the other three are sculptural and sports-inspired; hip and industrial; and preppy.

Like customers

“It felt like customers want to be creative today,” said Aram. “That’s the thing about the internet and the whole street style thing. So if we could create a brand that had four different directions, they can mix and match.”

But does the offering live up to expectations?

Despite language that would suggest a more upmarket line — “ready-to-wear” clothing designed in “creative ateliers” in Paris and Stockholm — & Other Stories remains true to H&M’s “quality at an affordable price” philosophy. Indeed, prices are featured prominently on the rails. But even though the price range is decidedly more high street than high-end, with the majority of items under £100, the garments are well constructed, with no loose threads or flimsy material. Standout pieces include a simple leather biker jacket at £195 – the top end of the price range – and a sateen blazer in a Spring-appropriate shade of peach, £79. We also found eye-catching, iridescent crystal hair clips and rings for £7-10.

Importantly, a significant portion of the 1,000 square-metre space is dedicated to & Other Stories self-branded body and beauty products, which shoppers can sample themselves at the functional sinks that line the wall. High fashion magazines like LOVE and AnOther are displayed at the tills. But given the new brand’s conceptual link to the Internet and social media, there is, surprisingly, no evidence of digital integration in the store.

What & Other Stories really has going for it, however, is the scale and tremendous retail experience of H&M. And where the store succeeds is offering a wide range of women a complete lifestyle brand that they can afford, delivering on the formula that has served the company and its stable of brands so well: “fashion and quality at the best prices”.


How to dress: tracksuits.

‘Now that the tracksuit doesn’t belong in your gym-gear drawer, it has been upgraded to your wardrobe’.
Fashion journalists, while keen to keep you bang up to date as to where Alexa Chung stands on Breton stripes and Miranda Kerr’s current thinking vis‑a‑vis Aviator shades, sometimes let substantial shifts in the nitty-gritty of Clothes People Wear go entirely unreported. Often, I suspect, this is because there are no red carpet shots of Chung or absurdly glamorous LAX departure lounge snaps of Kerr with which to illustrate said nitty-gritty. Happily, we have no need of such eye candy here because, in the words of one of my foremuppets, Miss Piggy, this column is all about moi.

Now this is fortunate, because there has been a development in Clothes People Wear which has slipped under the glossy radar. Specifically, in the clothes women wear for exercise: the gym, Pilates, whatever. The default outfit for this used to be the tracksuit. Tracksuit bottoms, sports bra/vest, then a loose top or hoody. Tight running trousers existed, but they marked you out as Serious About Fitness and/or Proud Of Thighs.

But this has changed. On the yoga mats, treadmills and running tracks of the nation, the Lycra-infused running trouser has taken over. Rather than the tight trouser marking you out as extra-serious, the tables have turned – wear tracksuit bottoms and you are labelled as the lazy cow using your gym membership for the third time this year.

But I’m not here to ridicule your outdated exercise gear or make you feel guilty for missing Zumba. My point is that the tracksuit has graduated from being sportswear into being retro sportswear – a quite different category, and one which fashion has always happily plundered for inspiration. (See: baseball jackets.) Now that it doesn’t belong in your gym-gear drawer, it has been upgraded to your wardrobe. Which is why the smartest London and Paris boutiques have waiting lists for sweatshirts this season, and why smart tracksuit bottoms are proving themselves to be more than a one-season wonder. The sporty lettered graphic, the tracksuit bottom, the hi-top trainer: today, I am in head-to-toe retro sportswear. In other words, I’m in fashion.


Beauty: the best budget makeup.

‘It’s neither savvy nor cool to take your eyes off cheaper makeup ranges nowadays’.

There was a time when teens wore makeup from 17, grew into No7, then, if life was kind, graduated to an adulthood with Clinique. But then Topshop stormed fashion and changed our perception of the high street for ever. It’s neither savvy nor cool to take your eyes off cheaper makeup ranges nowadays. If you can afford always to buy luxe, then all power to you (it’s your money and your face – enjoy both), but you’ll be missing a trick in the aisles of Superdrug, where you’ll often find more interesting and fun products.

Besides, there’s a certain cachet in knowing when to go bargain. I get my cheap thrills when I want to try a new colour I’m not sure I’ll wear that often (orange lipstick, glittery eyeliner) and want to indulge in guilt-free experimenting. Ditto if I feel a trend will be fleeting, or if I need something that doesn’t have to be expensive to be brilliant (pencils, mascaras). Sometimes I just chance across something wonderful, such as Sleek’s blusher, that prompts me to try the entire range (it’s a game-changer). Here are my six favourite budget makeup brands. Some will be known to you, others maybe not. But all produce makeup that is consistently great quality, interesting and refreshingly cheap.


Having had a passion for fashion from an early age, An’Drese L. Hopkins knows style. In the fall of 2009, Hopkins created Kins Accents, a retail store specializing in men’s and women’s urban fashion and it has been “rocking and rolling since then.”

Based in Detroit, Kins Accents opened its online store in September of 2010, making it convenient for cus¬tomers to view the boutique collection from the comforts of their home or office. One trip to the website,, and consumers are privy to everything from men’s cufflinks and three-piece suits to women’s jewelry, handbags and shoes. Hopkins’ mission is to bring high urban style to Detroit.

“I’m homegrown from Detroit,” he said. “I want to bring awareness to the local environment and bring the fashion and culture of the West Coast and East Coast here. I want to give our region that same vibe.”

Reviews on the KinAccents website note that the products are not only fashionable, but are quality essentials.

Kins Accents has found its niche in Detroit, not only as a mecca for some of the hottest fashions to grace the city, but also as a premier style concierge resource. Clients are able to have a personal consultant come to their home or business and customize a wardrobe or look based on their needs. Many of the boutique’s clients that take advantage of the concierge services are business professionals and pastors, who like to be stylish, but their schedule does not permit them the hours needed properly shop and accessorize.

“Our customers are looking for convenience and appreciate quality service,” Hopkins said of the consulting services he offers. Not only are consultants available for clients, Kins Accents also has tailors that make house calls.

Hopkins has 10 years of experience in business consulting, and that coupled with his many years of fashion expertise, he believes, gives him an edge on fashion consulting and the ability to cater to the needs of busy professionals.

Business is good right now for Hopkins and Kins Accents. The retailer is benefitting from the development and growth Detroit is currently experiencing. In addition to servicing metro Detroit, Kins Accent’s also ships roughly 30 to 50 shipments globally per day.


When should you wear makeup to the theatre?

Sometimes it’s fine to be invisible, but it’s surprising how much a little bit of lipstick can go a long way to change how people perceive you when you want to be noticed.

I don’t know about you but I think I would kill for a day of spring sunshine, just one. Peering through the continuing deluge at unrelenting grey skies makes me feel narky and furious. Everything is drab, drooping, cold and miserable, but – rather than fight the mood – I’m going to go with it this week.

I recently enjoyed a trip to the theatre. Although the play was terrific, the evening left me with a feeling of considerable irritation. Let me explain. I like to arrive a little early for a play because after a lifetime of breathless hurtling about and being perpetually late I’d rather take time to sit in the auditorium, read the programme notes, sip something restorative and watch the audience arriving. As an inveterate people-watcher I love to see an audience arrive and feel the pre-show atmosphere build as the seats fill. The rising noise level, the greeting of friends and the chatter is part of what gives the evening a sense of anticipation and occasion.

It’s obvious when you think about it, but different plays tend to attract different audiences. I went to see The Audience, which you might reasonably expect to prove popular with my demographic. It provided an interesting opportunity to observe approximately 900 people in one place, of which probably 400 were middle-aged women. The play, written by Paul Morgan and directed by Stephen Daldry, is something of a theatre event, with the magnificent Helen Mirren in the role of HMQ. So what do you think you would wear for this splendid treat in the heart of London’s dazzling West End? Well, not what you might think apparently. Yes, it was a damp and uninspiring Wednesday evening but I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a distressing collection of tatty smog and mud-coloured garments under one roof – a cohort of Invisible Women wearing the uniform of Invisible Women everywhere.


So now I’m going to say something disobliging – we can bleat on about 50 being the Age of Frump and we can squeak and wail about how we all vanish after the age of 40 but having witnessed The Audience’s audience – and I think 400 women is a reasonable number on which to base a conclusion – we’re clearly not doing anything to help ourselves.

I strenuously defend a woman’s right to dress entirely as she pleases, just as I do her right to wear makeup or not, but either we make an effort to be visible or we accept the fact that we’re not. Of course it’s a matter of individual choice and there are times (most of the time actually) when I can’t be bothered to wear makeup, but as I’ve written before a slick of lipstick can have a surprising effect on the way other people regard you. Sometimes I’ll do the whole eyeliner flicks and red lippy production to go out and sometimes it’s just the bare essentials – but IF I want to go out and be invisible then I won’t wear makeup and I’ll dress down. The Cloak of Invisibility is the middle-aged woman’s super-power and a bloody lovely one at that (although not one I want to wear all the time).

So, in the Gielgud theatre on a Wednesday evening in March there were maybe a dozen of us who’d bothered to make an effort. I don’t mean we’d got ourselves all gussied up in the full vamp but we were perhaps just a little bit smarter than we might have been otherwise. This was, after all, an occasion – going to a West End show isn’t something I imagine many of us can do all that often. Remaining visible takes more work once we’re past the time when a “fresh” face didn’t come out of a tube and we had a waist and legs worth a damn. We either have to accept that some kind of effort is required or acknowledge that attitudes towards us will inevitably change. We can’t have it both ways.

Women Health

Katharine McPhee Talks Career, Fashion + More in Women’s Health.

Smash cutie and former American Idol wannabe Katharine McPhee covers the new issue of Women’s Health and she talks about a variety of topics related to her career and her fashion perspective.Here are some key sound bytes, if you will.

“There are people who are bold at industry parties, who go up to big producers and directors and introduce themselves, and I’m not really like that. I’m really kind of shy, and I’m not the best self-promoter. Even with Twitter, I’m always like, OK, if I write this, does this make me sound. . .” she says. “There are so many ways to be bold. I think being bold is also being consistent and persistent—plugging away at what I want.”

“I like boho with a gypsy twist; that’s sort of my way to push it,” the onetime American Idol contestant said. “But I’m totally into the high-waisted skirt with the peekaboo top where your tummy peeks out.”

New Album:
“I’ve wanted to have a fun record for so long, and it’s fun! I’m not a serious person at all, and people who know me [know] I’m so goofy, and I want that to come out in the music,” she said of her upcoming third album.

“I’m definitely not the aggressor. The first time I met [my husband, Nick Cokas], I didn’t think of it as anything—especially because I met him at a workplace. There, you’re focused on what you’re there for, and then you’re like, ‘Oh, you’re cute!,’” she said.


Raveena disapproves skinny girls.

Raveena Tandon is not happy with stick-thin girls in the glamour industry and says they have made life tough for women like her. However, she is happy with her curvy self.

“I have always believed in a woman’s elegance, grace and femininity. Today most of the girls are stick-thin and that’s a tragedy. They have made life tough for women like me,” the 38-year-old said here while unveiling designer Sonakshi Raja’s clothes, to be showcased at the upcoming Lakme Fashion Week.

“Today, when girls dance, it looks like two dandiya sticks are dancing. It’s funny because I am happy with my size. I am a normal size, I am an average person. Sonakshi designs for women of all sizes,” added the actress of films like Mohra.
Lakme Fashion Week 2013 will be held March 21-26 in Mumbai.Raveena is off for a vacation with her two children and won’t be there to support Sonakshi during the fashion week.

“I am here today because unfortunately I would not be here during Lakme Fashion Week. She (Sonakshi Raja) is like my little sister and I always encourage her because she is very talented. I am leaving for a vacation with my kids right now. But I will always be there for her,” Raveena said.On the film front, Raveena will soon be seen in Shobhana 7 Nights.


Tehama County CattleWomen stage luncheon, fashion show, boutique.

Nov. 3 is the date for “Fall Magic”, the Tehama County CattleWomen’s annual luncheon, fashion show and boutique which will be at Carlinos in Rolling Hills Casino in Corning.

This year marks the 55th year that the CattleWomen have staged their annual gala. The event begins at 10 a.m. with the boutique and Cowboy Pantry. CattleWomen will stock the pantry tables with goodies from their kitchens and gardens. In addition, guest vendors offer a wide variety of items for sale. The boutique and pantry a good chance to begin Christmas shopping.

In keeping with CattleWomen tradition, a beef filet steak lunch will be served at 11:30 a.m. The meal’s first course is a gourmet harvest salad and the grand finale will be an elegant chocolate dessert.

Chairman Joyce Bundy invites the public to attend the annual social event. The CattleWomen and community members look forward to the tradition of delicious food and fun entertainment, Bundy said. All funds raised at the luncheon go toward funding scholarships and beef education for the youth of our community, she said.

Luncheon seating is by prepaid reservation only. Individual tickets, which cost $28, may be purchased form Shelley Macdonald at 529-9679. Reserved tables for parties of 10 are also available. The deadline for purchasing tickets is Oct. 26 and no tickets will be sold at the door.
Serving on the events committee are Michelle Blunkall and Beth Chaney, fashion show.coordinators,
Pem Lester and Sue Knox, cowboy pantry; and Laurel Walker, boutique. The Fall Magic theme will be carried out by Linda McCay, decorations chairman. She plans to decorate with autumn’s colorful elegance.
Assisting with the event are Tehama County Beef Ambassadors, Bailey Brownfield and Taylor Collins and Miss Tehama County, Monica Day. Tehama County Ambassador, Miles Leyva will act as escort for the fashion models.
Fashions will be modeled by CattleWomen members, family and friends. Among the fashion show participants from Red Bluff are Crossroads, Discover Earth, Heart Strings and Love Nots, Peacock Emporium, Plum Crazy, Prairie Rose, The Loft, Three Generations and Wink. Also participating are Eddie Bauer, Pendelton, Dress Barn and Gymboree Kids of Anderson.

X Factor

Tulisa launches her TFB fashion line and brings Ella Henderson to the event.

On October 18, 2012, “The X Factor” U.K. judge Tulisa Contostavlos, 24, brought her “X Factor” protégée Ella Henderson, 16, to the launch event of Contostavlos’ fashion line TFB (an acronym for The Female Boss), which is available at Bank retail stores in the U.K.

Even though Contostvalos (who goes by the stage name Tulisa) often ends up on critics’ “worst dressed” lists, she says that she gets many women and girls telling her that they want to dress like she does.

She told ITN: “From looking at Twitter or at the shows with fans, they are always asking me how do I remake this outfit of yours or where do I get this from? So I thought why not reinvent stuff that I’ve done in my own clothing line so it’s accessible for the fans.”

Contostablos added that she hopes to expand the TFB fashion collection to include accessories such as handbags.

And where were Jade Ellis and Lucy Spraggan, the two other “X Factor” protégées whom Contostavlos is mentoring in the Top 12 this year? Ellis is on vocal rest until she performs on the live “:X Factor” episode on October 20, 2012. Spraggan is reportedly being semi-punished for her being foolishly drunk in public earlier this week with fellow contestant Rylan Clark in an incident that was captured by paparazzi cameras. Although Spraggan and Clark didn’t do anything illegal, their drunken antics were embarrassing enough to the show that “X Factor” bosses decided to Spraggan needed to keep a lower profile this week. Spraggan’s fashion style is mainly limited to T-shirts and jeans, so it’s doubtful that she would have felt comfortable at this fashion event anyway.

Contostavlos said in the ITN interview that she would like Henderson, Spraggan and/or Ellis to wear some TFB fashion on “The X Factor.”

In 2011, Contostavlos launched her own fragrance, which is also called TFB.

Her first solo album, “The Female Boss,” is due out in the U.K. on November 29, 2012. The album has three singles so far: “Young” (a No. 1 hit in the U.K.), “Live It Up” (which reached No. 11 in the U.K.) and “Sight of You,” a ballad that will be released in the U.K. on October 25, 2012.

Contostavlos rose to fame in 2008 as a member of the hip-hop trio N-Dubz, which is currently on hiatus as the group’s member pursue solo careers.

Contemporary collection

Lauren Conrad’s contemporary collection is 40-50% off at Kohl’s.

Lauren Conrad’s contemporary collection is 40-50% off at Kohl’s through Wednesday, October 17. Kohl’s has a wonderful array of the latest fall separates for career and casual wear in the brightest new colors and most-wanted styles to update your wardrobe on a budget.

Featured through Wednesday are 40-50% off select styles from LC Lauren Conrad, ELLE and Jennifer Lopez collections, 40-50% off jeans for the family, including chart-topping colored and printed skinny jeans, and 40-50% off all SONOMA Life + Style and Jumping Beans fashion tops and bottoms for girls and boys.

To complete your fall looks, dress and casual shoes and boots for the family are specially priced at 35-55% off. Finally, add a touch of glitter with silver jewelry, diamond accent or gemstone pendants for only $19.99.

For even more dollar power, everyone received $10 Kohl’s Cash for every $50 spent. This can be redeemed in-store or at between October 25 and November 10.More sales through Wednesday include:

40-50% off Dana Buchman, Cathy Daniels, Sag Harbor and 212 Collection apparel for misses, petites and women
40-50% off active and fitness wear from Tek Gear and FILA SPORT for misses
40-50% off Simply Vera Vera Wang apparel for misses
40-50% off Croft & Barrow sleepwear, loungewear and robes for misses
40-50% off Croft & Barrow and SONOMA Life + Style sportswear for misses, petites and women
40-50% off fashion and cold weather accessories for women from Croft & Barrow
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40-50% off all collections, dresses, skirts and dressy bottoms for juniors from Candie’s
40-50% off SO outerwear for girls and boys
40-50% off sport shirts, sweaters, knit and fleece tops and shirt jackets for men
40-50% off Apt. 9 collection apparel for men
40-50% off dress shirts and neckwear for men from Croft & Barrow and Apt. 9
40% off Urban Pipeline fashion apparel for boys
40-50% off Urban Pipeline tops for young men
40% off Tony Hawk and Hang Ten collection apparel for young men and boys
40-50% off all Helix tops for boys
4050% off athletic shoes for men and women from Avia and FILA SPORT
50% off kids’ Jumping Beans shoes
To see Kohl’s complete selection of sales and specials or to place an order online, please visit Kohl’s website.
Kohl’s is located at 10136 Two Notch Rd. and 120 Harbison Blvd. in Columbia and 5440 Sunset Boulevard in Lexington.As always, maximize your style and minimize your spending~


What’s new for this year’s Toronto Fashion Week.

It was in August, when fashion news typically slows to a trickle, that New York-based IMG World’s purchase of Toronto Fashion Week was announced, prompting a collective “Whoa” among those who cover, attend and stage the shows at Canada’s biggest style extravaganza.

The handover from the Fashion Design Council of Canada to IMG Fashion, a division of the mammoth entertainment-management company, represents a significant moment for Toronto’s fashion industry – whether or not the ramifications are immediate. IMG Fashion had already been working with the FDCC in a consulting capacity for several seasons. But now, as Peter Levy, the company’s senior vice-president and managing director puts it, “we’re actually owning it and taking on the risk of producing it independently every season.”And there is definitely some risk involved, even if IMG Fashion has flexed its managing muscles in New York, Berlin, Tokyo, Mumbai and Moscow. In Toronto, long-standing issues go well beyond seating arrangements (expect chairs instead of risers this week) and tent capacity: They include late positioning on the fashion calendar, scant international media coverage, a schedule programmed with too many tangential events and, more recently, various rogue shows.

In a phone interview, Levy acknowledges that some of these challenges will require time: “We’re a little cautious in general; we want to see what’s wrong before we’re sure it’s wrong.” One smart move: hiring Carolyn Quinn, the FDCC’s sharp associate producer, to be the de facto general manager; her expertise will provide a necessary bridge for future restructuring. (Robin Kay, the flamboyant showwoman who launched Fashion Week in Toronto 23 years ago, will maintain a symbolic grande-dame role.)

Among designers, fewer logistical hiccups and better global positioning, both possible under IMG Fashion’s leadership, would be well-received. Arthur Mendonça, who is celebrating his 10th year as a designer this season, started to notice improvements in the lead-up to his show in Toronto last March, when IMG’s influence was felt.

“Backstage, there was great flow and the whole set up was well organized,” he says. “It’s still a small fashion week, but it’s definitely growing.”

The goal, says Levy, is to focus on the talent. And expectations, at least for now, are measured. “The point is not to put Paris out of business,” he explains. “It’s to create a relevant marketplace with its own point of view and personality and connect that all the way through.”

Where to see and be seen at Toronto Fashion Week

After years of site changes, World MasterCard Fashion Week has made Toronto’s David Pecaut Square its (hopefully) permanent abode. Smack in the middle of the city’s Entertainment District, the locale works in terms of both glam factor and crowd control.

It will also be either home to or not far from the after-parties that designers, editors and models head to post-shows to blow off some steam. Most are invite-only, but a number may be worth crashing. They include Pink Tartan’s shindig at the Shangri-La (188 University Ave.) at 9 p.m. on Oct. 22, Pavoni’s blowout at the Thompson (550 Wellington St. W.) on Oct. 22 at 10 p.m., the Mackage bash at the Spoke Club (600 King St. West) at 8 p.m. on Oct. 24 and the Express fete (featuring Dragonette) in DP Square at 9 p.m. on Oct. 26.


Get ready for Fashion Pakistan Week!

The Karachi-based fashion council will be conducting its fourth three-day Fashion Pakistan Week (FPW4) starting today (Sunday), where designers from across the country will showcase their Fall/Winter collections. As the council readies itself for four days of fashion fever, The Express Tribune catches up with a few designers about their mantra and runway collections.

Nida Tapal for Delphi Classic

Delphi Classic — a line of Delphi — was launched in 1994 and is known for its dedication to the antique craft of crochet. Transforming this hand-woven silk crochet into a unique flexible fabric is what the label takes pride in. “Each Delphi ensemble is created from its own hand-woven silk crochet which instantly allows people to recognise it wherever it is seen — this is what sets Delphi apart from its contemporaries,” said Nida Tapal. “Since it was revamped in 2010, Delphi has attained spiraling success and recognition; the designers now feel they are ready to showcase their exquisite creations to a wider audience.”

Maimoona Arshad for Maimoona H

A label created by Maimoona Arshad, Maimoona H has no boundaries when it comes to experimenting with different styles and designs. Creating a perfect blend of simplicity and intricacy in designs, Maimoona’s objective is to make a bold yet beautiful outfit, which stands out amongst a million.

“My collection ‘Last Night’ is basically a western take on eastern wear — it’s luxury prêt wear. Garments directly borrowed from one’s closet are fused into an eclectic mix of alluring dresses,” she said, in regard to the collection she will be showcasing at FPW. “The colour palette combines strong dark shades with elegant and pure luxury fabrics such as silk, chiffon and French lace.”

Misha Lakhani

Misha Lakhani made her debut at the PFDC L’oreal Paris Bridal Week earlier this month in Lahore. “The theme of the Autumn/Winter 2012 ready-to-wear collection is the same as my bridal one — a ‘Colonial Transgression’. The idea behind the collection was fusing old India with an international style. I love mixing different fabrics and textures — something that’s very new with something old which feels like it had another life before,” she said. “Playing with masculine and feminine styles is a big part of my aesthetic, so that comes through. I’ve also introduced embellished clutches, discharge printing and a different kind of cutwork in this collection.”

Nabeela Adeel for Nargis Hafeez

Nargis Hafeez, a brand by Nabeela Adeel, depicts a traditional sense of style in its designs when it comes to bridal wear due to the incorporation of vibrant colours.

“Our inspiration for this collection is antique work — we are working on revival of old crafts so the embellishments used, reflect an era gone by. However our, cuts are modern so the outfits do not resemble the ‘60’s or ‘70’s theme; rather the cuts are relevant and wearable today,” Adeel said about her upcoming collection at FPW. “Our lengths vary from short and trendy, to mid-length, with large shalwars, churidaars and palazzo pants. The colours are traditional but we have also added a few blacks as no winter wardrobe is complete without them.”

Sanam Chaudhri

Chaudhri is appreciated for her aesthetic sense of style when it comes to fashion. At FPW, she plans on introducing a collection inspired by shibori — a Japanese tie-dye technique. “Kage jumpstarts a timeless fantasy with a rebel thread. Inspired by shibori, the new collection is edgy as it features bold hues of indigoes and whites spun around shades of burnt orange, fiery red and black. Kage echoes of a purer age whilst marching to an electric beat,” she said, about what the audience should expect.

“There is an irreverent attitude along with a refined confidence in the woman who wears Kage when it comes to defining her shoulders and hips. Combining casual and refined textures, from cotton to satin, this line holds an international appeal as it also contains kimono jackets, cowl-harem pants, and hakama-inspired skirts and trousers,” she added. “Pieces for more fashion-forward people include bustiers, wraps, capes and obi belts. Therefore Kage suits a range of occasions, but one woman specifically — the one who rocks her own world.”

World Luxury

World Luxury Fashion Week to debut in Abu Dhabi.

World Luxury Fashion Week will bring together some of the world’s leading high-end fashion brands over a four day invitation-only fashion week hosted at the spectacular Jumeirah at Etihad Towers from 25-28 November 2012.

The four-day show schedule opens with two evenings of BMW Haute Couture shows, followed by two evenings of some of the most prestigious prêt-à-porter brands, featuring, amongst others, the likes of Carolina Herrera NY, Hervé Léger, Paule Ka ‘Black Carpet’ Collections, and acclaimed regional designers, Walid Atallah and DAS Collection who recently returned from a successful London Fashion Week. In addition to this already impressive line-up, BMW will host exclusive customer evening events where several top Haute Couture designers such as Jean Paul Gaultier will present their latest Haute Couture collections.

The format for every show will offer a salubrious hospitality setting rarely seen at fashion shows, as guests indulge in a five-course gastronomic dining experience crafted by Jumeirah’s elite team of executive chefs in the Mezzoon Ballroom at Jumeirah at Etihad Towers. The hospitality concept allows for each dinner course to be served followed by a fashion show during each interval, so VIP guests will indulge in the best of fashion and food in a luxurious setting.

World Luxury Fashion Week is supported by iconic partners Abu Dhabi Motors, BMW, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, Jumeirah at Etihad Towers, Rowenta, Etihad Airways and Avenue at Etihad Towers (Abu Dhabi’s first luxury shopping destination).

Mr Arno Husselmann, General Manager of Abu Dhabi Motors, the sole dealer of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars and BMW in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain said, “We have high expectations for World Luxury Fashion Week and we are proud to be a part of an event of this calibre, one which will no doubt reinforce our association with luxury and reinforce our status as the regions’ leading choice for Rolls-Royce and BMW. Abu Dhabi Motors has earned an international reputation as one of the leading representatives of the world’s pinnacle automotive brands, and our position as the leading BMW & Rolls-Royce dealer in the region, highlights the city’s position as a hub for luxury in the region and underpins the UAE Capital’s appetite for the Ultra-luxury car segment.”

Rolls-Royce is the pinnacle luxury goods trademark in the world and is well associated with high-end luxury. Rolls-Royce Motor Cars has a long history with the fashion world. Most recently the company partnered with Lebanese fashion designer, Walid Atallah, to create two bespokeHD models, named “Rolls-Royce Phantom Rayan” and “Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupe Rayan”. In 2011, to celebrate the centenary of the Spirit of Ecstasy, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars collaborated with acclaimed photographer, Rankin, on a series of photographic portraits inspired by females and symbolising the mystique and charm of the brand’s legendary figurine.

Largest luxury

Abu Dhabi is fast becoming a city that is positioning itself as one of the largest luxury retail capitals of the world and the luxury fashion market in Abu Dhabi is one of the most strategically important, and indeed lucrative. Most of the premium brand retailers are planning a rapid expansion into Abu Dhabi and this can be seen with the much anticipated opening of Avenue at Etihad Towers, Abu Dhabi’s first true luxury shopping district and premier lifestyle destination in the city.

Comments Doris Greif, General Manager of Jumeirah at Etihad Towers, “World Luxury Fashion Week is a welcome addition to the Abu Dhabi calendar of leading international events, and as a centre within the UAE’s capital that prides itself on the deliverance of thoughtful luxury interior design, quality craftsmanship, gourmet experiences and bespoke lifestyle and hospitality services, Jumeirah at Etihad Towers is honoured to be associated with such an event.”

As one of the world’s leading brands of high-performance garment steamers, steam irons and hair styling appliances, Rowenta’s association with World Luxury Fashion Week is a fitting one. The partnership reinforces the brands existing relationship with world-class international fashion weeks in New York, Paris, Montreal, to name abut a few.

“Rowenta is very excited to be a part of World Luxury Fashion Week,” said Shonila Misra, Marketing Director of Rowenta, “We are strong supporters of the fashion community and share a common goal with its members – to produce intricately designed, visually appealing and high quality products for consumers.”

The GCC region remains a hugely lucrative market for luxury goods and achieved significant growth of 15% in 2012, leading the strong performance of the global luxury market, which underlines the huge growth potential of the Middle East region. Globally, luxury goods sales are defying initial concerns and despite recent global economic pressures and this sector will exceed €200bn in 2012, this according to Bain & Company Luxury Goods Worldwide Market Study, Spring 2012 Update.

Peter Baumgartner, Chief Commercial Officer at Etihad Airways, commented, “As brand synonymous with classic design and tailored experiences, we are proud to support an event which aligns with our high-end, stylized approach. Etihad Airways brings the world to Abu Dhabi and also presents Abu Dhabi to the world. World Luxury Fashion Week shares this vision, making for an ideal partnership.”

Julian Alibhai, Exclusive Distributor of Hästens beds and mattresses in the GCC, says “Hästens is globally recognised as being the ultimate producer of the world’s greatest handmade and bespoke beds and mattresses using only the finest all-natural materials, and has been doing so for the last 160 years in Sweden. We are looking forward to showcasing our premier product at the World Luxury Fashion Week, the Vividus, which is valued at over $100,000, takes 160 hours to handcraft and has been tailor-made for many well-known and respected fashion icons and celebrities.”

There is an expectation of Abu Dhabi to deliver something different, something prestigious, something new for tourism and indeed to the region, in terms of recognition of the GCC collective spending power.

As the capital of the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi will continue to cement its status as a leading luxury destination and World Luxury Fashion Week will complement these recent achievements within the city’s business and tourism sectors.


‘Hills’ star Heidi Montag is broke and living with Spencer Pratt’s parents.

Former “Hills” star, Heidi Montag, stepped back into the spotlight for a new interview with Access Hollywood on Oct. 18. The reality star, who became the poster child for plastic surgery addiction, claims that she blew all of her fortune.

“I only miss the money. If we would have saved our money, it would have been better,” she said. “I’ve never really counted, so I’m not sure [how much we lost],” she added when asked how much their post-Hills lifestyle cost. “A lot – over a million or so,” Heidi revealed, also admitting that she and husband, Spencer Pratt now live with his parents.

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt were once the most hated reality TV couple in America. However, since spending all their money they’ve basically dropped off the face of the Earth. So what has Spencer been up to? Heidi says he’s getting his degree in political science, and one day hopes to have a career in politics.

As for Heidi’s plastic surgery woes, she says, “I would never do it again. I was definitely way in over my head. I kind of wanted a few enhancements and then it kind of got out of hand. I wasn’t told really the repercussions and what would happen, emotionally and psychically and the pain I would be in. I was kind of in shock.”

What are your thoughts on “The Hills” stars Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt being broke, and living with his parents? Do you think they’ll ever make a reality TV comeback?


Robert Pattinson’s Girlfriend Kristen Stewart Gives Fashion Love Credit to Designer.

Celebrity Fashion & Style – Robert Pattinson’s girlfriend Kristen Stewart credits her love of fashion to Nicolas Ghesquiere.

The beautiful US actress recently reunited with boyfriend Robert and believes Balenciaga’s creative director has changed her view on fashion, ”evoking a feeling” from her rather than it being just another job.

She said: ”I had to have a relationship with fashion from such a young age – you walk down the red carpet, and it matters. It’s strange.

”At first I just wanted to get it right, I wanted it to be smooth sailing and just to be able to do my job.

”Then I did a photo shoot with Nicolas and it was the first time that taking photos in high fashion felt like telling a story, that it was part of a concept – it wasn’t just about something on the surface, it really evoked a feeling.”

The 22-year-old actress is so loyal to the band that she is now the face of the house’s new fragrance Florabotanica, but her favourite piece is her leather jacket, which she describes as her ”second skin”.

Kristen also talked about how ”natural” it is working with Nicolas and appreciates his professional approach to projects.

She added in an interview with ”He’s really one of the only guys I’ve ever met in [fashion] that makes me feel like I’m working for a director.

”He’s really creatively impulsive. Fashion can be a very superficial, surface-level thing that is all about money and image, but he really creates a show. You can pull clothes out of a show and it’s like watching a movie.”

Project Style

Murrieta 19-Year-Old Wins National Fashion Contest.

April Yang, a 2011 graduate of Vista Murrieta High School, is the national winner of the Project Style Fashion Contest, it was announced Friday.

Murrieta resident April Yang has always loved fashion and dressing up.

Little did she know, her talents would elevate her to national acclaim through her local shopping center, Promenade Temecula.

Yang, a 19-year-old fashion design student at Palomar College in San Marcos, was selected as the national winner of the shopping center’s Project Style contest, it was announced Friday.

Project Style is an online fashion competition which garnered entries from more than 600 fashion hopefuls throughout the nation, according to a news release.
“Winning this competition is a dream come true,” Yang said. “I have been interested in fashion since I took my first sewing class in high school. The opportunity to share my own style with a national audience while also being recognized by leaders in the fashion industry is something I will never forget.”
As the winner, Yang will receive an all-expense paid trip to New York Fashion Week 2013, where she will interact with top fashion experts. Plus, she will receive personalized attention from “Project Runway” celebrity designer Nick Verreos.

As part of her prize, Yang will attend a runway show with Verreos, and will spend a day shopping with him in SoHo. Verreos will also create a personalized gown sketch for Yang, the news release stated.

Yang explained that during the final round of the contest, she was given a $200 gift certificate to the mall. From there, she said she tried on many outfits until she found the “right mix” that also complemented her figure.
Though Yang said her favorite store at Promenade Temecula is Cotton On, she selected her winning look from a variety of other shops. The outfit included a denim top ($21.33) and silver bracelet ($7.80) from Forever 21; heeled boots ($45.24) from Reflection; a body-con dress ($50.86) from Macy’s; a clutch ($21.97), ring ($7.97), necklace ($9.97) and earrings ($6.43) from Charming Charlie, and sunglasses ($7.95) from H&M.

Her outfit, which she was tasked with showing off in a video, was inspired by architecture—hard lines, soft curves and ornate details, she said.
“I wanted to focus on the principles of design, including balance, emphasis, rhythm, proportion, and harmony,” Yang said. “Using each of these elements, I created a look that is structured, but still feminine.”
Her video, titled “Fashion is Art,” was reviewed alongside 15 other semi-finalists throughout the U.S. by national judges, including Verreos, The Style Network’s host of “How Do I Look?,” Jeannie Mai, and Jane Lisy, senior vice president of marketing at Forest City, the company that owns Promenade Temecula.
“Each Forest City shopping center is committed to bringing unforgettable experiences to local shoppers, and Promenade Temecula is no exception,” said Lisy, who has been recognized by the industry for her award-winning retail leadership and technology experience with shopping centers.
“We were excited to have hundreds of stellar participants in this year’s contest,” Lisy said. “Each semi-finalist’s video was judged based on the contestant’s understanding of style, presentation, and design, and April emerged as the clear winner.”
Yang also started a fashion and do-it-yourself YouTube Channel, which has garnered at least 3 million views and is followed by more than 30,000 subscribers.
“My videos inspire people to be creative and different by personalizing their clothes and mixing up their wardrobe,” Yang said. “This is exactly what I hoped to accomplish through the Project Style competition as well. My hope is that through me, people can see that fashion, like art, can be interpreted in many ways.”
Yang, a 2011 graduate of Vista Murrieta High School, follows another fellow student who has been recognized for fashion design: Grace An, a 2011 winner of O’Neill clothing line’s Next Generation design contest.
Yang said she remains close friends with An, as both are products of the Vista Murrieta fashion design program. Yang said she took the classes—taught by Kay Mueller—during her sophomore and junior years.
“She (Kay) always motivated me,” Yang said. “I was lost when I first started high school; it was hard for me to admit that I wanted to do fashion because it was so different, it wasn’t something I could imagine ever doing. But now I love it, it is amazing.”
It was her instructor at Palomar College, however, that gave her the idea to enter Project Style, Yang told Patch.
“She suggest that I be in the competition at the mall, so I did when the time came again and I saw signs posted at the mall,” Yang said.
Yang plans to complete her associate’s degree at Palomar College; after that, she is not sure.
One thing she is certain of though, is she is taking her sister, Melissa, 20, with her to New York City. The contest allows her to take one guest.
“We ae very close, she helps me a lot, ” Yang said.
The trip is in February, she said.


Shocking! Famed fashion house Schiaparelli revived.

Shoe hats, lobster dresses, and spiraling goggle glasses could easily be part of a closet inventory belonging to Lady Gaga.

But these objects were all spawned from the mind of another woman, who was born — incredibly — in 1890: the avant-garde Elsa Schiaparelli.

The house of the influential fashion designer, and hated rival of Coco Chanel, is being revived this fall, in one of the most highly anticipated fashion events of 2012 in Paris. There’s been a flurry of activity this year, including actress Farida Khelfa being named as house ambassador.

If Schiaparelli is no longer a household name — her business folded in 1954, and she died in 1973 — her design firsts have certainly lived on: newspaper prints, exposed zippers, perfume bottles in the female form, shocking pink, and — arguably — the first woman’s power suit.

“The house Schiaparelli is really the DNA of fashion,” says Khelfa. “When you see the world of fashion across the century, you can see all the people she has inspired —all the great couturiers of the last century and this one.”

The new house will, of course, inherit all the iconic house codes, but — lacking an artistic director and any clothes dating past 1954 — it surely must be one of the most curious fashion relaunches in recent times.

But why strike now?

“It feels like the right moment… and things are moving quickly,” said Khelfa who added they’ve finally found a key piece of the puzzle in reacquiring the original showroom on the 21 Place Vendome, which will set the tone for the clothes production, expected next summer.

“It’s really something to be in the very place of creation. We can imagine the boutique downstairs, with all the window displays made by (artist Salvador) Dali. … In her day, there were three great women at Place Vendome: Schiaparelli, Madame Chanel and Madame Gres. Now we’re back.”

Inside the revamped showroom, Schiaparelli bigwigs have painstakingly recreated her surrealist universe. Original artifacts that artists designed for the Schiaparelli boutique are proudly on display. Across five salons, glittering gold columns by Alberto Giacometti, a powder compact in the shape of a telephone dial by Dali, a wacky colored carpet by Fernand Leger, spiraling metal glasses created by Man Ray.

Also featured is a “cabinet of curiosity” which featured the perfume Shocking — a reminder of why the Schiaparelli name became world renowned. A one-foot (30-centimeter) curved fuchsia perfume bottle stands provocatively in the shape of the bust of Hollywood sex symbol Mae West — a design echoed by designers such as Jean Paul Gaultier. “Shocking” was an adjective on high rotation in the Schiaparelli vocabulary. She invented a bright fuchsia hue — the now world famous “shocking pink” — that she chose as the house’s signature color.

New generation

In 1948, according to company lore, a survey of Americans put Elsa Schiaparelli at the top of their list of most famous French people. But they still couldn’t pronounce her name: the “Sch” is hard, as in “school.”
A much-publicized exhibit at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art in May, featuring Schiaparelli’s dresses alongside modern Prada ones, introduced her melodic name to whole a new generation, but showed how avant-garde her designs remain.
People “had trouble seeing which was the dress from 1927 and which was from 2012,” says Khelfa. “Often the 1927 ones looked more current! That’s true avant-garde.”
Paris-based fashion writer Rebecca Voight sees the launch as hugely promising. “She still has such an incredibly vibrant image and what a name. The people behind the launch are really in the know, so there’s really no reason they’ll get it wrong. The question is who will (the designer) be?”
The identity of the artistic director remains the biggest question mark.
The pressure for the launch to succeed may perhaps explain why there’s still been no formal announcement, although it was scheduled for September.
Khelfa and Schiaparelli CEO Camilla Schiavone dismissed rumors that John Galliano might be in the running, but they both refused to reveal a short-list.
Schiavone tried to explain away the secrecy.
“The house was rebought in 2006. Now, we have the property. We’ve waited so long to get it right. We’re not interested in running after someone. But you will know in the next three weeks or so. The first, what I call, ready-to-couture collection will probably be June 2013.”
Ready-to-couture is a concept Schiavone hopes will keep the classy profile of the Schiaparelli name. Garments won’t be available in boutiques but will be made-to-measure for select clients who are invited to the 21 Place Vendome for fittings. Though the house says the aim is to produce highly wearable clothes, the first collection will be shown during the Paris Haute Couture week — fittingly, alongside historic rival Chanel.
In their heyday, Coco Chanel dismissed Schiaparelli as “that Italian artist who makes clothes.” Schiaparelli responded, equally cattily, calling Chanel “that milliner.”
Fashion rivalries are in vogue at the moment. A highlight of this year’s fashion calendar involves the media pitting the two new designers at Yves Saint Laurent and Christian Dior against each other.
So after 60 years does the Schiaparelli revival signal there’ll once again be handbags at dawn on the Place Vendome?
“No! Chanel is Chanel. It remains Chanel,” says Khelfa. She hesitates: “But Schiaparelli is coming!”

Kardashian wedding

Team official: Nets to attend Kardashian wedding

Kim Kardashian (Getty)

The New Jersey Nets can accept their invitation to Kim Kardashian’s wedding.

A team official says the Nets have been granted permission to attend the reality star’s marriage to forward Kris Humphries on Saturday in California.

General manager Billy King and other members of the Nets’ basketball operations department are expected to attend the ceremony of their free agent forward, the official told The Associated Press on Tuesday on condition of anonymity because the guest list was to remain private.

With players and their teams not supposed to be in contact during the lockout, they must check with the league about events where they would be together. Weddings are among the special cases the NBA has allowed, such as when Heat All-Star Chris Bosh got married earlier this summer.

Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria’s rep denies marriage plan reports

Eva Longoria (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Eva Longoria’s representative has dismissed reports the actress is preparing to wed new boyfriend Eduardo Cruz.

The Desperate Housewives star began dating Penelope Cruz’s brother following her split from basketball star husband Tony Parker in November.

A report in America’s OK! magazine suggested the smitten couple was planning to marry, claiming, “Friends feel the pair is ready to wed, and this time Eva will have her fairy-tale ending.”

But Longoria’s rep has been quick to shoot down the wedding rumours, telling the report is “not true”.


Hasselhoff’s girlfriend snubs two marriage proposals

David Hasselhoff has asked fans to name the perfect place for him to propose to girlfriend Hayley Roberts after she turned him down twice over the weekend.

The former Baywatch star began dating the Welsh beauty earlier this year after they met on the set of U.K. TV show Britain’s Got Talent, where Hasselhoff sits as a judge.

The actor recently whisked Roberts away for a romantic break in Cape Town, South Africa, where he decided to pop the question to his new love – only to be turned down.

Hasselhoff then posted a photo of himself on bended knee in front of the blonde on his page, with the caption, “I tried to pop the question but she was having none of it… Where should I pop the question next?”

The 59-year-old later offered Roberts his hand in marriage in a backstage dressing room, but he was rejected once more.

He writes, “I popped the question in the dressing room. She’s still having none of it!”

Danny Masterson and Bijou Phillips

Danny Masterson and Bijou Phillips marry in Ireland

Bijou Phillips, left, and her husband Danny Masterson. (AP)

Actor Danny Masterson and his longterm girlfriend, actress Bijou Phillips, have wed in Ireland.

The stars, who appeared together in movies including Made for Each Other and The Bridge to Nowhere, married at a private castle in the Tipperary countryside on Tuesday, in honor of Masterson’s Irish heritage.

Phillips wore a Zac Posen bridal gown as she walked down the aisle in front of close family and friends, including actors Ben Foster, Mike Pena and Ethan Suplee, their representative confirms to

Masterson’s actor brother Chris served as best man.

The pair, been dating for six years, became engaged in 2009.

Tara Reid

Tara Reid admits she “never really married”

Actress Tara Reid has cast doubt on the legality of her recent whirlwind wedding to Zack Kehayov by admitting they “never really married”.

The American Pie star was reported to have exchanged vows with Kehayov on 13 August during a vacation on the Greek island of Santorini after just two months of dating.

But in a new video interview published by, the actress suggests the wedding was not legal.

When asked by the cameraman whether the couple would win or lose The Newlywed Game, an TV game show which pits newly married couples against each other, Reid replies, “We would lose.”

And when the videographer asks her why, she replies, “Because we were never really married… no it wasn’t legal.”

Kristin Cavallari

Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler are engaged … again

Reality TV star Kristin Cavallari has confirmed she’s engaged to football star Jay Cutler – again.

The couple first announced its plans to wed back in April but called off the engagement two months later. They reconciled at the end of the summer and now, just days after dismissing speculation she was planning a wedding again, Cavallari has taken to to announce the happy news.

She writes, “This time it’s official… Jay and I are engaged again.”

And she tells Life & Style magazine, “I can’t decide if I want a small intimate affair or a huge one. But, it will be classic and traditional.”

Cavallari and the injured Chicago Bears quarterback originally made arrangements to marry next summer.

Aretha Franklin

Aretha Franklin to get married this summer

Aretha Franklin, 69, announced plans to wed longtime friend William Wilkerson this summer.

The Respect hitmaker released a statement to the Associated Press on Monday announcing the news, revealing the couple is planning to exchange vows in Miami Beach, Florida and celebrate its nuptials with friends and family during a reception on a private yacht.

This will be the Queen of Soul’s third marriage — she was married to Ted White for eight years before the two divorced in 1969, and she ended her six-year marriage to actor Glynn Turman in 1984.

Joking about her sudden motivation to wed again, she stated: “No, I’m not pregnant.”

Halle Berry

Halle Berry engaged

A jewellery designer recruited by Oliver Martinez to make an engagement ring for Halle Berry has confirmed the couple is set to wed.

The X-Men star first sparked rumors she’s to marry the French actor after she was spotted flashing the diamond-and-emerald ring while out in Malibu, California on New Year’s Day.

Now a spokesperson for jewellery designer Gurhan Orhan tells the band was indeed an engagement ring. Martinez is said to have popped the question over the Christmas holidays and was thrilled when the Oscar winner said yes.

It will be Berry’s third trip down the aisle – she was married to baseball player David Justice for three years until they split in 1996, and then to Eric Benet from 2001 to 2003.

She has a three-year-old daughter, Nahla, with ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry.

Neil Patrick Harris

Neil Patrick Harris looks forward to marriage

Neil Patrick Harris is looking forward to marrying his longterm lover David Burtka because he wants to be able to call his partner “husband”.

The actor has been secretly engaged for the last few years, but last summer, he insisted he had no plans to exchange vows with TV reporter Burtka after same-sex marriages became legal in New York. But Harris has now sparked speculation he’s done a U-turn and does intend to make their relationship official.

He tells Out magazine, “I’m not the biggest fan of the word ‘partner’: It either means that we run a business together or we’re cowboys. ‘Boyfriend’ seems fleeting, like maybe we met two weeks ago. I’ve been saying ‘better half’ for as long as I’ve been able to.

“I think it’s a little self-deprecating and clearly defines that we’re in a relationship, but it would be nice to say ‘my husband’.”

The couple is parents to twins, who were born in 2010 via a surrogate mother.

Designer Christian Louboutin

Designer Christian Louboutin to auction off on-of-a-kid stiletto-inspired cocktail bar

Designer Christian Louboutin has created a shoe-inspired cocktail bar which will be auctioned off at the Grey Goose Winter Ball to benefit the Elton John Aids Foundation.

The French footwear king’s quirky bar takes the shape of his classic stiletto turned on its side.

And to complement his design, Louboutin has also created a new Grey Goose vodka cocktail, which will be served to guests at the ball on October 29.

The sour tipple combines Grey Goose Le Citron, tart French raspberries, cherries and goji berry liqueur, and is finished with pepper and a touch of ginger.

The Winter Ball will take place at Battersea Park, London.

Louboutin is the latest celebrity to partner with Winter Ball organisers – past stars involved have included Jean Paul Gaultier, Elizabeth Hurley, Lily Allen and Eva Herzigova.

Carolina Herrera

Twilight wedding dresses to be sold in Carolina Herrera stores

Copies of the wedding dress Kristen Stewart wears in the new Twilight movie are to be put up for sale by its designer Carolina Herrera.

The actress, who plays Bella Swan in the vampire franchise, wears the bridal gown in the latest installment, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1, when her character marries Edward Cullen, played by her rumored real-life boyfriend Robert Pattinson.

Now Carolina Herrera, who created the long-sleeved frock with lace embellishment, has announced she will be selling copies of the wedding dress in her CHNY boutiques.

The designer Carolina Herrera says she was “flattered” to be asked to create the gown for the film, adding, “I wanted to create a magical moment that they had at the wedding.”

America’s Next top Model

America’s Next top Model winner launches plus-size dating website

The only plus-size model ever to win America’s Next Top Model, 10th season winner Whitney Thompson, has launched a new website aimed at “real women”, called The Big and the Beautiful.


“After winning America’s Next Top Model and the response I received from being plus size, I immediately noticed a void for an honest dating site where real women can celebrate their curves,” Whitney says. “The women enjoy meeting men who appreciate them, while the men enjoy being with young, fun women who really know how to satisfy them and are eager to please.”

Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks comes clean about her ‘fake TV personality’

TV star Tyra Banks has confessed to fans she’s nothing like her America’s Next Top Model “character”, confessing she invented an alter-ego to score better ratings.

The beauty launched the reality TV competition show in 2003 and has since developed a reputation as a confident and sassy pioneer in the modelling industry, but Tyra Banks insists it’s all an act for the cameras – because she’s shy and insecure in real life.

Speaking during CNN’s U.S. TV special Dinner with the Kings, which aired on Sunday, she said, “When I did my show, created my show or whatever, I also created a persona on Top Model. And it’s a character. So when I’m sitting there and I have all this make-up on, and I’m like, ‘Your picture’s not fierce…’ talking all that and reprimanding the girls, that is a character.

“I don’t do that, like, in real life; I’m passive aggressive. I’m anti-confrontational; I’m even in coaching to learn how to be confrontational.

“So it’s a character, but people think it’s real. I’m so not sexy. I know how to turn it on for a picture but I’m not sexy in real life.”

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